Amelia Guimarin • Projects

Wayne Thiebaud (2010)
h Magazine

ICON: David Lynch (2009)
h Magazine

Business Call (2009)
Short, narrative video project - abstract

Fort in the Afternoon (2009)
Short, narrative video project on children's daydreams

Step (2009)
Documentary video project on stepfamilies - autobiographical

American Flavor (2008)
A photographic exploration of a Latin/Indian market and cafe in Los Angeles.
85.1M Powerpoint

MyDeathSpace and the Revival/Immortalization of Early Cinematic Architecture
March 6th 2008
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference 2008

The popular social networking website MySpace contains over 100 million profiles, some of which belong to deceased users. In January of 2006, MyDeathSpace was launched. MyDeathSpace is a website which chronicles deceased MySpace users in conjunction with newspaper obituaries and stories submitted by friends and family; posts include links to users' MySpace profiles. When a MySpace user dies, friends and family members can submit requests to MySpace to have their late acquaintances profiles deleted from the site or to gain access to their profiles to maintain them as memorials.

The use of MySpace profiles as memorials evokes the concepts of death and cinema on several levels: first, the memorials revolve around the deaths of individuals; second, the profiles represent the online and popular appropriation of sound and visual images by amateur content creators. This appropriation employs cinematic techniques in traditionally non-cinematic structures and spaces. Although it would seem that the death of cinema is revealed through these memorials, this paper argues that these memorials do not signify the deaths of persons or cinema, but rather the reconfiguration of the lives of each.

MyDeathSpace & Cinema: Reconfiguring Life Through Memorials
March 24th 2007
University of Southern California, Critical Studies

Body Piercing and the Re-Embodiment of Commodity-Based Identity
March 10th 2007
The 2007 Society for Psychological Anthropology Biennial Meeting

Illustrating Identity: Body Piercing & Photography
Nov 14th 2006
105th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association

In the Flesh: Body Piercing as a Form of Commodity-Based Identity
May 14th 2005
2005 UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium