BIG url

BIG url, sits, waits, and commands its mighty gaze over gallery-goers. Viewers stand in the shadow of its megalomaniac physical embodiment.... a 16 foot-wide glistening body of plexiglass, fluorescent lights and melamine.

BIG url's camera looks at the url, with the bait of a squeaking "sucker-speaker" hanging 10 feet in front of it. Now using the "sucker speaker", BIG url sometimes successfully lures the unsuspecting to come and listen and to be sucked in by it's trap.

Images of victims hang below the lightbox, giving the viewer some idea of what's going on - however, still leaving them slightly confused. To view the actual images hung below BIG url select the NEW actual images hung below BIG url page.

....... A Little Story of BIG url .......

Once only a 'little URL', it began life wandering around the outskirts of the information autobahn, lonely in the corners of the outback of url-hood. Spending his days peddling his moped around desolate grid roads of the online world, little URL became tiresome and restless. Was this all life had to offer -- sitting in the back of cyberspace?

Fortunately for our little friend, URL grew up into a big shiny piece of green url - shimmering with handsome ambience. Expanding to include a "sucker speaker", BIG url now stands complete.

Hardcore Statistics:

  • Lifespan: November 27th to December 3rd, 1995
  • Ambitions: Self-actualization.
  • Climax of entire life: Party in honor of 'BIG' - Sat December 3rd, 8pm CST live online! Send wishes, condolences, praise during the gala event...
  • Physical Manifestation:
    • Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

    • University of Saskatchewan Campus
    • Saskatoon, SK.
    • (306) 966-4208
    • CANADA

BIG url is part of the exhibition
and is a project-in-conjunction with doppelgänger/iNTERFACE physical digital body project.

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