c a t h e d r a l

 O B J E C T I V E S :

  • to build a large, navigatable, creative virtual space
  • to incorporate interactive multimedia into a virtual space
  • to work in an art-based collaborative environment
  • to explore creative applications of interactive digital media

 S P A C E S :

a gothic cathedral space. under this cathedral, there will underground rooms which will house several virtual interactive installation spaces.

tunnels from the cathedral's basement will lead to cavern spaces.

 I M A G E S :

several images and media-pieces will inhabit, decorate, and interact within the spaces. for example, these images could be extruded into 3d objects, used as wallpaper, or incorporated into a video within the space.

To view more cathedral proposal images, view the proposal image gallery.

 S A M P L E . Q U I C K T I M E . V R :

to view sample quicktime VR's, please visit the cathedral proposal quicktimeVR gallery (quicktime plug-in required), or download one of the following files:

 C O L L A B O R A T I O N . T A S K S :

mike misanchuk
  • macro-space construction
    [the making of buildings, spaces, environments]
  • majority of 3d modelling, lighting, textures
garnet hertz
  • event creation / micro-space contruction
    [the making of events/objects within spaces]
  • quicktimeVR and mTropolis programming/production
  • website design

 T O O L S :

apple macintosh

strata studio pro

kpt bryce



fractal design poser

adobe photoshop

 R E L E A S E . F O R M A T :

hybrid CD-ROM [macintosh/windows]

website featuring selected media from CD-ROM

 D A T E . C O M P L E T E D :

april 1997

 C O N T A C T S :

garnet hertz

mike misanchuk

all images copyright © 1996, garnet hertz and mike misanchuk. use of these images without written consent is prohibited.