COREDUMP - Garnet Hertz

Development Journal

The actuator 1 machine has been intermittently "hung up" on the side fences that keep the device inside its limited space.

The marker has dried out, and I'll be replacing the current drawing mechanism with gravity-fed graphite or oilstick.

[2000 DECEMBER 31]

3am: The actuator 1 machine is online for live testing by the artist and a limited group of artists, technicians, and writers.

2am: Sporratic problems with EMI signals interfering with X10 has been discovered - the actuator's circut has been causing a number of myserious problems with the device control. A public event is still planned for today. Video has also been added of the device during testing.

[2000 DECEMBER 29]

Everything in the control and video systems seems to be fixed, and ready for some testing on the 31st.

Some external-source references have been added to the project site, as well as some personal concept-based notes.

An updated schematic has been added to the technical description of the project.

[2000 DECEMBER 26]

I've split up the project website, and have created four control interface concepts.

I had a chance this week to re-read almost all of Eduardo Kac's written works, and to re-view his projects. I've been trying to re-think "dialogical" in some different contexts.

The project is targeted to have a live event on December 31st, although the happening won't be widely promoted. This is because - as usual - the technical aspects of the work are more difficult than expected.

This technological complication process seems to be an integral part of any telerobotic work I begin. Although this is frustrating from a project completion standpoint, I'm thinking of it metaphorically.

[2000 DECEMBER 13]

Video is now working, but X10 isn't. The open-air hardwired circut has been debugged and fixed after an electrical short.

[2000 DECEMBER 11]

This project will be developed and completed as a markmaking mechanism concurrently with some non-markmaking work under development - which is now termed as project 64.

Primary development on the web-based X10 control system and the linux-based streaming video server should be basically complete on this upcoming Wed night [Dec 13].

Also - ideas related to having the machine also controllable by bits of data gathered from the net are being developed, as well as a single-user and simultaneous-multi-user configurations.

This work is being re-thought in the context of the term "datastream".

[2000 NOVEMBER 28]

Work on this project has been resumed.

Development on some similar work will be explored at the same time that this project is completed. This project - which is being titled 64 - will not have a markmaking, robot-like machine mechanism.

Beta testers are currently lined up for both systems, and they are contacted on a weekly basis. If you want to beta test this system, just send an email with "COREDUMP BETA" in the subject line. Beta testers get to view the work before it's publicly shown; responsibilities include providing the project with technical/theoretical feedback.

[2000 JUNE 04]

The COREDUMP project is up and partially working: machine control works, video doesn't. If you would like to be involved in giving feedback on the project in process (as well as control of the installation before its release) please email with a short description about why you would like to be involved with this project.