L U M I N O U S . E X P E R I M E N T
G A R N E T . H E R T Z
TV, basement excavation, ambient groundwater

Art on Site : Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Luminous Experiment consisted of a dismantled TV and a basement excavation.

The television parts were powered and hung over a dug pit filled with water.

Viewers were brought into the space in complete darkness. The TV was powered up, and the glow of the tubes slowly revealed the installation space.

b/w room
b/w vertical

Larger Image:
65 K jpeg
[515 x 770 pixels]

High Resolution Image:
613 K jpeg
[1974 x 2932 pixels]

Alternate View, High Resolution Image:
456 K jpeg
[1989 x 2971 pixels]

other works of Garnet Hertz can be found at his online studio, conceptLAB