Foucault, Michel - Society Must Be Defended

Notes - Garnet Hertz
Updated 10 June 2006

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[10-11] {geneaology, archaeology, historiography, history, local, knowledge} Compared to the attempt to inscribe knowledges in teh power-hierarchy typical of science, genealogy is, then, a sort of attempt to desubjugate historical knowledges, to se them free, or in other words to enable them to oppose and struggle against the coercion of a unitary, formal, and scientific theoretical discourse. The project of these disorderly and tattered genealogies is to reactivate local knowledges -- Deleuze would no doubt call them "minor"[5] -- against the scientific hierarchicalization of knowledge and its intrinsic power effects. To put it in a nutshell: Archaeology is hte method specific to the analysis of local discursivities, and genealogy is the tactic which, once it has described these local discursivities, brings into play the desubjugated knowledges that have been released from them. That just about sums up the overall project.

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