Low Cost Volumetric Printing, based on photostereosynthesis

Garnet Hertz, October 2008

This project proposes volumetric physical visualization and printing, through the physical output of 3D models to a transparent block of physical material. This would be similar to 3D model printing (ZCorporation et al.), but would be aimed at producing transparent visual models at a relatively low cost. In its simplest form, this could exist as a number of inkjet prints on low-refractive-angle transparencies, stacked and fused together.

A tangent interest to volumetric prints includes stacked-LCD displays like the DepthCube z1024... but this is completely different:

See http://www.conceptlab.com/photostereosynthesis/ for background, sketches, and other proposals related to this project

[Garnet Hertz, 2008]