World's Smallest Server (2002) - Garnet Hertz

Constructing "World's Smallest Server" (2002) - Garnet Hertz -- Video, Duration 14:32.

This project was video documentation of taking Fredric White's webACE project and rebuilding the system with surface mount components without a circuit board - or "point-to-point" - for a webserver about the size of a match head. Construction was done with cyanoacrylate gel and conductive epoxy. This process had been done previously for Fly with Implanted Webserver in 2001, but never recorded. This video was produced with the support of Neutral Ground Gallery & Artist Run Centre in 2002.

I had also sent Steve Dietz a version of this webserver in 2000. He later briefly wrote about this in an exhibition catalog for a show I did with him in 2003 in his essay "Token of Such Things" (Exhibition: "Twitch", Ace Art Inc. with David Rokeby and Nick Stedman, Winnipeg, Canada). An excerpt:

(Full essay: Steve Dietz, "Token of Such Things" 2003.)

A QuickTime version of this clip can be downloaded from (7.4M).

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