Videodome (2013) - Garnet Hertz

Last Updated: 28 March 2013

Project Overview

Videodome is custom helmet system by Garnet Hertz that creates surreal and frenetic video footage of your face. It uses sixteen micro video cameras mounted inside of a clear helmet, with a video switching system that rapidly rotates between cameras. Because all cameras point toward the face, the vantage point spins around the person's nose. Completely analog, the system is a "cutting-edge old school mediated sensation" (Shwartzman) that resembles a paranoid or narcissistic surveillance: a "panicked Street View of the face" that is part Lady Gaga and part scientific imaging contraption.

Project Stills

High resolution still photos can be viewed at


Videodome premiered in "See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception" - an exhibition curated by Madeline Schwartzman at the Thomson Gallery in San Jose California during March 2013. This exhibition is an extension of her book by the same title.

Technical Rider Information

Development Photos

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This is a project by Garnet Hertz. Contributors to this project include:
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