Rogers, Everett M. (2003) - Diffusion of Innovations, Fifth Edition

Notes - Garnet Hertz
Updated 02 December 2006

General Thoughts

Easy to read, thick-but-well-structured book that outlines key concepts related to the topic of the diffusion of innovations. These include elements of diffusion, a history of diffusion research, contributions and criticisms of diffusion research, the generation of innovations, the innovation-decision process, attributes of innovations and their rate of adoption, innovativeness and adopter categories, diffusion networks, the change agent, innovation in organization, and consequences of innovations.

The text attempts to pull in concepts and research from a number of different research traditions, including anthropology, sociology, education, public health, communication, marketing, and geography. This book, originally published in 1962, attempts to be the definitive textbook on the diffusion of innovations and is widely cited.


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